A little bit about me…

Hello. I’m Emily, also known as Bob, and I’m the founder of Garden to Wellbeing.

Nature has helped me to navigate some of the trickiest times in my life. Like many people, I’ve struggled with mental health and it took me a while to find my happy place. After a long period of feeling lost, I gave up a stressful career in marketing and decided to find something that felt like more of a fit for me.

Following an adventurous journey, I started working as a Bushcraft Ranger for the Forestry Commission running sessions for a range of clients, including businesses, schools, charities, NHS trusts and universities. I absolutely love it and enjoy meeting amazing new people every day.

I soon saw the huge range of benefits that nature has for people’s wellbeing, so decided to throw another passion into the mix and train as a gardener and social and therapeutic horticulture practitioner.

Now I want to empower organisations to start running their own Garden to Wellbeing programmes and reap the social and therapeutic rewards they offer.

You don’t need to be a gardening expert to start delivering your own STH programme. In fact, I think that in many ways it’s nice if you’re not. That way you can share the experience of learning with your group.

Please get in touch to say hello and find out what I can do for you.

A television clip of me on BBC Countryfile running an eco-therapy bushcraft session for a homelessness charity group.