Seasonal gardening activities

Each of our Garden to Wellbeing programmes includes a selection of activities from the following themes:

  • Sow/grow – sowing and growing flowers, fruits and vegetables is a satisfying and nurturing experience. It encourages participants to look towards the future and provides a real sense of pride and possibility.
  • Cook/eat – preparing meals and cooking together is a great way for participants to try freshly grown produce. It also enables gardeners to share traditional family recipes.
  • Share – sharing activities help to foster a sense of community and belonging. These could include sunflower competitions to raise money for a good cause or having open days to sell homegrown vegetables.
  • Try – it’s always nice to try a new skill and there are lots of opportunities in the garden. From tool maintenance workshops to building bug hotels, we’ll make sure there is something to suit everyone.
  • Learn – we’ll demonstrate practical gardening techniques and introduce basic concepts such as companion planting, composting and choosing the right plants to attract wildlife to the garden.

Our activities are matched to goals so that outcomes can be measured.