Task analysis

Seed sowing – tabletop activity for residents in supported housing

Sowing seedsChoose seeds.

Collect seed tray and compost.

Add compost to tray using trowel and tap on table.

Make hole in compost using finger.

Add one seed to each hole.

Add thin layer of compost on top.

Tamp down.

Water in.
Decision making skills.

Communication skills.

Increased confidence.
Have large seeds available for clients with mobility issues.

Include seeds that are guaranteed to germinate for high success rate.

Have mobility trowels available with easy grip handle.

Modify height of table for wheelchair access.

Ensure compost is at waist height and in small, light containers.
Cognitive (decision making).

Sensory (feeling of compost in hands)

Physical (fine motor skills, gentle lifting, twisting, grasping).

Ensure that clients are confident making decisions independently.

Check clients are asking appropriate questions to aid task where necessary.

Monitor client confidence during activity.
This is an example but tailored task analysis sheets will offer more detail for individual support needs.

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