Just give it a go

Gardening doesn’t need to be complicated and it’s easy to get carried away buying tools and gadgets that we don’t really need. But it’s not about creating a picture perfect garden. It’s about getting muddy and having a go – seeing if stuff grows.

The current pandemic has certainly encouraged me to get my thinking cap on and I’m finding all sorts of imaginative new ways of doing things. For me, one of the nicest things about gardening is that it doesn’t judge you. If you make a mistake, you can just try something different. It’s made me more resilient because, just like every day life, things don’t always go to plan. My carrots are sometimes weedy and my onions won’t win any prizes, but that gives me even more cause to celebrate when people compliment me for the sauces I make using the tomatoes I grow.

I love working with new client gardeners. Their apprehension gives way to laughter and smiles as their confidence grows. That amazing feeling they get when they pull a potato out from the ground? That’s pride.

So I won’t just show you my successes – I’ll show you when things don’t go quite so well so you can laugh about it too.