How can therapeutic gardening help during the pandemic?

It all begins with some blooming good ideas!

For many of us the rapidly changing pandemic landscape has unsurprisingly led to increased anxiety. Daily routines can change at very short notice as the Government introduces new restrictions with no timescales for things getting back to normal. For Chris, and other people living with autism, these uncertainties can be even more overwhelming.

Working one-to-one with Chris at home enables him to focus on something positive within an environment that he feels comfortable and safe. Each session is part of a personalised Garden to Wellbeing programme designed to reduce anxiety, create a sense of personal achievement and help him to feel happy and hopeful about the future.

Chris has planned his own wellbeing garden and we’ll be working together to create it over the coming months. He’s already made a bug hotel and planter, and we’ll be supporting him to grow the flowers, herbs and vegetables in his design.

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