New bug hotel opens to guests

A new luxury hotel with ‘all the creature comforts’ has opened up to quite a fanfare. The three story Travel Bug Lodge includes a penthouse suite and pine cone, stick and sunflower themed rooms. Constructed from dismantled pallet boxes, natural materials and a creative vision, several spiders have already been seen moving in.

Garden to Wellbeing Champion Chris loves working with wood and used a range of tools to construct the hotel, including a saw, hammer, sander and drill. He designed the layout and collected some natural materials to complete the job.

This activity worked on:

  • decision making skills
  • safe tool use
  • creativity
  • planning
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • relaxation and fun

“Thank you Garden to Wellbeing! Chris absolutely loved building the bug hotel with you and will get so much pleasure looking at it in the garden. It made me feel so happy and proud to see him following your instructions and being so confident using the tools.” Kim, mum